Tanjung Piai National Park

Tanjung Piai National Park - My first trip to Tg. Piai was quite fun!

Before we continue our joney we had a lunch break at _unknown place_.

A pit stop at a petrol station we saw the hawk moth what a beautiful one!

The first animal was a ?blue spotted mud skipper?!

Look at their visitor centre! Hope This is what i can see after the Sungei Buloh Master Plan

Nice lush mangroves

And their boardwalk

I find that the hide is useless, suppost to be able to see waders but was heavy covered with trees. Or perharps camouflage?

What's this?

My fav was the mangrove skink! Look at the cute eyes. Looks like there's lots of them over there!

Then to the southern most point!

What's Ron doing? Lolz

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