Big Sister Island (Subar Laut)

My 2nd trip to Big Sister Island! The aim of this trip is to look out for coral bleaching, what's coral bleaching? Corals will turn white because of the microorganism living on the coral, known as symbiotic relationship, has die off. The microorganism gives the coral it's colour.
Here's a closer look at the hard coral

And one that is slightly bleached.
Frilly anemone?
Let's have a look at the the Zoanthids or also known as the colonial anemones. Some Zoanthids contain toxins so DO NOT handle them with your bare hands. Toxins are to protect themselves from  predators.
Can you spot the Spider Conch? Though they have spines, but they do not penetrate into your skin nor contains any venom.

Very beautiful underside, it is often collected and cause the decrease in population. They are listed as Vulnerable on the Red List of threatened animals of Singapore.

A closer look...

My 2nd encounter with an octopuses, ?the Two-spot reed octopuses?
It may look small and harmless but don't underestimate it! They have sharp beak, and can inject toxins... But they are one of the smartest creature living in this planet.

Looks yummy! But this Red Egg Crab is highly toxin when eaten even after cooking. Here's a photo index to ID the crabs found in Singapore.

And the best of this trip is the hawksbill turtle! My first encounter with a hawksbill turtle! And its very close!