Bukit Batok Nature Park

A stressful trip! But lots of fun and excitement. When I first step in, the calls of the Straw-headed bulbul Pycnonotus zeylanicus fills the air. Then I manage to have a look at it but did not manage to get a good photographs! It’s ok, at least the first hour I got my lifer.

A Slender Squirrel Sundasciurus tenuis  appeared! How cute! Thanks Marcus for the ID!

A huge bee hives! And when there’s bee?!!!

Bee-eater!  Blue-tailed Bee-eater Merops philippinus

When we are going back, we had a camera WAR! Lol. What a waste of shutter counts! Haha!

Then a classical pose!

When I’m going to pack up! The Orange-bellied Flowerpecker Dicaeum trigonostigma appear! What a beautiful bird!

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