From Botanic Gardens to Sungei Buloh

New volunteers from Sungei Buloh, P. Ubin & central nature reserve gather at Botanic Gardens for an orientation. The speaker is Mr Mendis Tan from Sungei Buloh. So why I'm I there? Not for the orientation  but as a photographer!

Now Volunteers are known as ''conservation division volunteers'' which mean they all will fall under the conservation division. Volunteers can attend workshops not only at the reserve that they serve but can also attend workshops by other nature reserve. CooL! Allowance will be given to volunteers at Sungei Buloh ($10) and P. Ubin ($15). The $5 extra for ubin is to cover the bum boat trip. Then why CNR does not gives allowance? It's simply because it's located at the heart of Singapore and is very accessible unlike Buloh or Ubin. BUT, you should not look at the amount of allowance each place offer you and go there because this is not the right way!

After the orientation, Shila and myself rush down to Sungei Buloh to check on the Young Naturalist Passport Camp. This photo shows Shila in action! Showing the kids how to make a tailor bird nest. If you are keen to sign your kids up for the camp please visit Sungei Buloh's website.

After the camp ends, I meet up with Wei Xiang, Wei Quan and Jaime to hunt for the Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)! Yeh!!!! The above photo is taken from the main bridge. Estimated size of croc is about 1.8m long?

We proceed to the platform 2, WOW! Another croc waiting for us. This time round, it's smaller about 1.2m. Yeh more crocs at buloh! Note that the crocs at Buloh won't eat you up if you don't go near them because there are plenty of food down in the river.

A juvenile monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) on the tree!

Back to the main bridge, we saw the plantain squirrel (Callosciurus notatus). Very active in the day, its diet include fruits, seeds, leaves, bark and insects!

 This pair of common greenback (Hylarana erythraea) is spotted at the fresh water pond.