Semakau - Hunter seeker!

 Semakau again! I always look forward to going to semakau because of the beautiful reefs! But this time round, not a guided walk but as a hunter seeker. Hunter seeker’s are important to guided walks, they are the ones who finds the animals then put a flag beside the animals.  This ensure that the walk is smooth and not delayed by wasting time finding them.

I do get a bit stressful when I can’t find animals and the group is getting nearer and nearer! 
Here are some animals that we found, I did not take much photos because of the time. :(

Giant clam! One of the worlds larges clam but sadly the are endangered due to over harvesting of them for food!

The stone fish sea cucumber Actinopyga lecanora?

Knobbly sea star Protoreaster nodosus! They come in difference colours, from the usual red to blue!

Purple-spotted yellow flatworm Pseudoceros laingensis

Noble volute Cymbiola nobilis Laying eggs!

Some animals aniamls that are not photographs are:
Blue-spotted fantail ray Taeniura lymma
Garlic bread sea cucumber Holothuria scabra
Common sea star Archaster typicus
and more!

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