P. Ubin Bird ID workshop 19/12/2009 Part-1

My earliest trip to Ubin! It's always nice to see the sun rise! The first ''event'' was Ron hitting a volunteer with his new toy- The Koker! 


Hahaa! After putting our stuff in the volunteer hub we set out for a birding trip with our field omithologist!

The Oriental pied-hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris) is commonly seen in P. Ubin and chanji village. Do look out for the artificial nest around ubin! There might be a pair of hornbills inside. 

A Grey Heron! There are also some of them with Red Legs, this means that they are breeding. Ubin is the few sites in Singapore that has breeding colony.


Someone spotted the common kingfisher, a common  migrant that can be found near water. Also commonly seen at Chinese / Jap garden.  

After birding, it's real work time! A 1hr class on birds!

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