Sungei Buloh - 24/06/2010

Another day out in the field with Mr KS Wong, one of our senior guides at buloh. We took a slow walk around route one to help him to take some photos for the slides that will be using for volunteer training. But in the process, i did learn a lot from him.

What's the name of this spider? Ops.... I'm no spider Xpert. But it's a jumping spider, Have a close look at its eye. When it's black in colour it mean it's looking directly at you, when it turns green that means it's looking away.

Mr Wong found millipede among the leaf litter. They will give out a pungent smell to protect itself if being disturb Here's a blog post from The annotated budak that explains more about millipedes and centipedes.

Common Tit (Hypolycaena erylus teatus)

Blue Glassy Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris macrina)

He also pointed out the Belongkeng snail. That's my first photo record! Thanks Mr Wong! Unlike some other snails, they lack of a covering call operculum which seals the opening of the shell.

And a family of 4 Smooth Otters Lutrogale perspicillata are also seen at the river along the main bridge. Otters mainly eat fishes but they do feed on crustaceans too! More Photos of otters are at my flickr.

We end our day with a Lesser Dog-faced fruit bat . They usually roost together because it's safer in numbers. They can be found roosting under palms or trees. Do you know that the flowers of the Durian trees are pollinated my bats?!

Finding the Knot at Sungei Buloh

Took a short walk after guiding a group of visitors! Since it's high tide, it's a great time a have a look at the shore birds. Took a slow walk to route 2, while i was looking at the birds i saw a moving log like creature! Its a croc!

What a nice moment!