P. Ubin Bird ID workshop 19/12/2009 Part-2

Chek Jawa exploratory walk, my first time walking on the shores of CJ. Usually i'll be on the boardwalk!

Hm... What's that?  I called Marcus, he said that it's a flatworm! Wow first flatworm that i have seen on CJ  bedford's flatworm Pseudobiceros bedfordi

 Sea Star! A biscuit sea star

 Hermit crab! Striped hermit Crab! Such a beautiful one. Like other hermit crabs, they need a home. SO where do they find their home or shell? They depend on empty shells that are leave beside by dead animals that ones live in.

My Lifer! A Thorny sea cucumber! I wonder if this is the smallest cucumber on our shores? I would say that it's quite common on CJ, a short 2hours walk i can spot about 5 of them.

Garlic bread sea cucumber. Looks like a Garlic bread! haha!

Peacock anemones, not sure of the IDs but their order is Ceriantharia. Look at the colorful anemones! Also quite common, like i said a 2 hours walk i can see more then 15 of them.

 The First fish! Kite butterflyfish Parachaetodon ocellatus

After the intertidal walk, we went for a night walk. Saw the Common palm civets! Did not have a clear photo to show you guys as i do not want to FLASH the civets too much. :)

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