Saving the Grey Heron....

I'm not sure did I save it or kill it. :(

When I was with Wei Xiang taking photo of Herons / Terns we saw an injure Grey Heron on the grassland beside the canal, we went to take a look and we can go as close as 1m from the Heron! At first the heron was scare of us when we approach it. It tried to fly away and it can't. It can only flap its wings and then drop on to the ground.

The sun was scorching hot and we knew that the bird was going to be dehydrated so we manage to carry it to a shade. Tried feeding it fishes that was brought from the market, but it failed. So we called ACRES they said that they can't take in birds. :( Called Nparks, Sungei Buloh, they said they can't take in any birds. The last resort was to send to a vet, when we reach there(ARVC) the staff were kind and helpful, they fed it with water and food. It then look better.

When we reach the zoo, I was pissed OFF with the Security Guards, I told them that we called up and say that we are bring a heron in and the staff on the phone say ok. The guard later said that they got to call and check. Then they say that they can't let the bird in! Then they made another call to the vet, they are doing all this at their own sweet time! The bird was classified as on emergency case by the vets at ARVC! They don't look like they are concern about the heron, and is this what they call conservation! I'm totally not happy when I send it to the Zoo. I will not send another animal to Zoo if there are more to come!


SD said...

Actually you should have gone to the Bird Park. The Zoo is in a difficult situation as well, as all sorts of animals go there with all sorts of emergencies.

Did the Bird Park slip your mind? =)

Brandon Chia said...

The Vets from the hospital told us that we got to go to the zoo asap. Because going to the bird park it's too far the the bird might just die. So the nearest vet who specialize in wildlife is the zoo.