Short walk at Sungei Buloh

Took a short walk around route 1 and mangrove boardwalk while waiting to start my public guided walk at 9.30am.

As usual, the lesser dog faced fruit bats roosting at the wetland center. They feed on nectar, fruits and figs.

Crocodile sightings were quite rare when i first started guiding 7 years ago, however, it's pretty easy to spot them if you visit Sungei Buloh early in the morning when the tide is low. The croc does not seem to be interested in the Great Egret and the Little Heron.

Closer encounter with the Shield bugs. Shield bugs gives off a pungent smell when it's disturbed.

Last photo before heading back to the visitor information counter to start the guided walk - A Heavy Jumper Spider. 

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Ria Tan said...

Thanks for the lovely photos! Glad you're blogging again!