Tanjung piai - Johor National Park

My 2nd visit to Tanjung piai with RMBR. Tanjung piai is a Ramsar site, that means they have signed some sort of an agreement with the the Convention on Wetlands also known as the Ramsar convention. When appointed as a Ramsar site the place is not to be develope without approvale of the commitie. Wetlands are also important to migratory bird, wetlands are "stop-over" stations before proceding to the next country. Without wetlands, there might be shortage of our staple food with is rice because rice is a common wetland plant.

This is the bridge that leads us to the visitor centre, admission ticket its RM 5 for student and RM 10 for adults. 

 What a nice visitor centre!

Very infomative!

And BIG labels....

And the hide.

As usual, there are still alot of Mangrove Skink Emoia atrocostata . Hard to find them in Singapore even at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

We saw a female Common flameback Dinopium javanense. Here's a photo of a male common flameback which is taken at Sungei Buloh on my flickr.

A pair of helmet snail.

Gold-spotted mudskipper Periophthalmus chrysospilos

To reach the southern most tip of Mainland Asia, we had to cross a flooded pavement.

Lined nerite snail Nerita articulata

 The best sighting, dusky leaf monkey, which i din get to see it during my last visit!

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