Firefly & Mangrove- Are they related? (Part 1)

Fireflies are been seen in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. As SBWR is a mangrove habitat so i'm thinking if does mangrove & fireflies have any relationship? YES! Looks like the mangrove tree is the Sonneratia caseolaris.

Sonneratia caseolaris is a rare mangrove tree in Singapore, not sure about other country, how many are there in Singapore? This tree had been found in
Woodlands Town Garden and it's about 10-15m tall! (link). We should try our best to save our mangroves and not let them to be gone from Singapore! Do you know that there are only 5% of mangroves left in Singapore!

Why are Sonneratia caseolaris
rare in SG? Are the fruits hard to grow/survive?...............


To learn more about mangrove, you may visit one of our few nature reserve in Singapore which preserve mangroves- SBWR

Free guided walk can be request on every Saturday at 9.30am. Please inform the staff that you are interested in the walk, only 20 visitors are allow per walk. Next is on 3.30pm.

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