Kusu Island Intertidal

Although I've been to quite a few southern shores, this is my very first intertidal trip to Kusu Island.

Greeted by these small Zoanthid.. Looks like they are Broad zoanthids (Palythoa mutuki)

 Red Seaweed

And we also have seagrass on our shores. Seagrasses are different from seaweeds. More on seagrass

Different sp. of sea grapes, check out this link to tell them apart

 Leathery soft corals

Another soft coral - Pink flowery soft coral

Hard corals


Don't be surprise that we have anemone on Kusu Island, if you look closely, you might find a pair of anemone shrimp.


Tentacles of the Snaky anemone retracted during low tide

Frilly anemone. Not all anemone comes with long colourful tentacles. 

 I don't know what these fishes are...

 Carpet eel-blenny, often mistaken as an eel or snake.

Crabs, look at it's pincers! They are swimming crabs, if you look closely at their last pair of legs. It's flat and rounded which helps them to swim around in the waters.


More snails...

Ah.. glad to see the black long sea cucumber.

 Pretty common sea star.. and they don't always come in 5 arms ... 

Cheesecake Nudibranch (yellow) and Black phyllid nudibranch

 Bristle worm

We do have a wide diversity of marine life here in Singapore. It's important that we keep our waters clean because polluted water affects marine life. You can do you part by simply not throwing rubbish into our waters or take part in coastal clean up programme.

To learn more about our shores or help in in monitoring, do volunteer yourself with any nature conservation group!

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